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This is a quick guide on for our online reservation system. Hit next to start the guide.

To start a ticket reservation please visit http://ktel-zakynthos.gr/en/services/ticket-online and select From and To locations for your travel. Select also date and the number of seats for your reservation and click Search button to find results.

From the results that show available routes for your travel click on button “Buy tickets” to proceed

Next, select from available departure time. If no results are available please select a different date and click on button “Find timetables” to find departures on new date. Click on button “Continue” to continue.

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On the next page type reservation and passengers data. Check field “I agree with Term of use” to continue. If you wish to select specific bus seats click on field “I want to select seat number” and select the seat numbers for each passenger of your reservation.

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At the next page confirm your reservation data and check field “I agree to have a printed copy of my ticket for my travel” and click button “Pay tickets” to continue.

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Next you are redirected at Piraeus Bank Paycenter payment system. Your connection is now secure. Type your credit card data and click button “Pay” to continue.

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An additional step of 3D Secure confirmation might be asked from Paycenter. Complete 3D Secure confirmation and click button to continue. Once your payment is completed a browser window will appear to inform you that your connection is no longer secure. Click OK to continue as NO CREDIT DATA will be transferred to our site.

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If your payment is successful you will be redirected to reservation success page where you can click on “Receipt file” to open and download your ticket receipt. Tickets will be also send at your email address.

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For any question or support for ticket reservation please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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