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These terms should not be confused with the terms of the contract of carriage, which govern the carriage and any additional services, and they relate exclusively to the use of our website.

Any dispute arising from these terms, including those concerning their interpretation, is subject to Greek Law and will be resolved in the Courts of Zakynthos.

Intellectual property rights

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Limitation of liability

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Linking to other websites

This website may provide links to third-party websites, the content of which, in particular the services or products or information offered, is not controlled by KTEL ZAKYNTHOU S.A. and for which it is not responsible in any way. The user acknowledges that access to third-party websites and further use of these websites is at his sole responsibility.


Electronic Ticket

The ticket issued by the Online ticketing service of our website for any modification (cancellation, change of departure time, change of date) the passenger is obliged to send an e-mail to info@ktel-zakynthos.gr.

After the departure of the Bus the ticket is considered VOID.


Case of Cancellation or Change of Ticket

You refund 70% of the ticket price to the passenger if he cancels the seat reservation on a long-distance route at least 8 hours before departure, or 50% if he cancels the seat reservation within 8 hours before the departure time.

The ticket can be changed with regard to the date of the journey or transferred to other persons without any charge to those persons (imposed in the case of the transfer of a regular ticket to a person who is entitled to a ticket of reduced price or free movement of the refund of the corresponding money to the original holder ticket). As long as in any case (cancellation or change of destination or route or change of passenger or change of date) there is a visa on the ticket by the competent employee of KTEL ZAKYNTHOU SA. and only.


In the case of a return ticket, the passenger is obliged to go to the issuing office before departure in order to arrange his return. The ticket remains open for one month.
Only passengers presenting a valid ticket are entitled to transport. In the case of an e-ticket, this means that you will need to present a validly issued e-ticket.
A ticket altered or altered in any way and unless the alteration or alteration has been effected by us is not considered valid.
In the event of a change in the date or departure time of the trip, the passenger is required to come to the ticket office with his ticket printed. There he will receive a new ticket with the new date and time of departure.
A ticket that may be lost or destroyed, partially or completely, or a ticket that does not contain the necessary coupons, is not recognized as valid and must be repurchased.
The ticket can only be used for the route indicated on it, which includes the place and time of departure, and the place of destination. The fare paid corresponds to the transport expressly mentioned in the ticket.
The ticket is an object of value and therefore the passenger must keep it carefully.
The passenger is obliged to carry the ticket with him during the journey and to show it to the driver or controller whenever and if requested.
When the ticket is subject to a discount regime, the passenger must carry proof of the discount (multi-child card, student card, etc.) and show it whenever requested.
If he does not have a card with him, he will have to pay the remaining amount.

Ktel is not responsible for any delays or cancellations due to a delay or cancellation of the ferry route for Zakynthos – Kyllini – Zakynthos.


Baggage Transfer

Do not transport flammable and explosive materials.

Passengers’ luggage is transported free of charge at the passenger’s responsibility.

To avoid any inconvenience due to lost luggage, please write down your information or have distinctive signs on your luggage that make it easy and sure to identify it.

(the employees of our company, the driver, the collector, the issuer, the loader, it is impossible to know the owners of the luggage and bear no responsibility in case of receipt by the wrong person or in case of loss)

You prohibit the transport of animals, except in the case of animals accompanying the disabled or small pets, which are transported in suitable means for this purpose.


Minor passengers

You are prohibited from transporting children under the age of six (6) unaccompanied. The person accompanying these children takes care of their safe transport and together with the child they occupy a passenger seat located behind another seat.

You allow children between the ages of six (6) and fifteen (15) to use a three-person, single seat and back seat, as long as it is behind another passenger seat.


Transport of Animals

We inform you that there are daily itineraries for the transport of pets (up to 10Kg and up to two pets)



Last route


First route


First route
Last route


Sunday 07:30


Monday 11:00

Case of Compensation

KTEL ZAKYNTHOU S.A. is obliged to compensate consumers for the following cases:

For loss of luggage, the fault of the transport operator, a minimum compensation amount of €30.
For the loss of unaccompanied small parcels, a minimum compensation amount of €15.
For non-receipt of a passenger at fault of the transport operator from the point of departure or predetermined stop three times the value of the ticket.

Secure Transactions

Credit Card transactions are carried out electronically in real time between the Buyer and the owner of the card with PIRAEUS Bank which processes the transaction on behalf of KTEL ZAKYNTHOU SA. based on a contract that the two Companies adhere to.

In the whole transaction process, KTEL ZAKYNTHOU S.A. she has no involvement, nor does any credit card information ever reach her. KTEL ZAKYNTHOS S.A. he simply consents to the bank as to the value of the transaction only.

In any cases where the buyer carrying out the transaction is not the same person as the owner of the Credit Card, KTEL ZAKYNTHOU S.A. assumes no responsibility and no refund is required.

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